Leo peint

Léo (full name Léonore Alexandre), born in 1967, discovered art with her grandfather who was a painter. They spent long hours together, talking about drawings, colors, painters he admired, such as Picasso, Braque, Chagall and many others…
After majoring in mathematics she decided to pass on her knowledge and became a maths teacher, never forgetting her first love in the process: Art.
End, as it seems, the fascination she had always had for abstraction in mathematics, -and in the study of its open and closed spaces, or in its (abstract concept of) infinity-, was not that far from what she relished in art, hence she does feel close to Kandinsky and his studies of shapes, colors and their impacts on the mind.
She really started to work as a painter in 2003. If her first decisive approach was that of watercolors and acrylics, she currently mainly uses oil, acrylics and mixed media on canvas.

She took lessons with William Lambert, a painter from Vernon, who guided her through her work, always respecting her choices and personality.
In 2009, some of her works were published in the “International Contemporary Masters IV“ in the United States.

She has stopped teaching for the time being, determined as she is to devote herself to her art. Looking at her paintings you will discover a peculiar world inspired by her Here –her everyday life-, her There –her various travels abroad- , but also her It – her subconscious.

The underlying link between all her paintings is her fascination for colors, shapes and light, as widely seen in modern buildings, portraits, as well as in abstract works. Whatever she paints the crux of her art lies in the way lines, shapes, colors and media balance one another on the canvas.
Ontologically, her art is about this inner vibrating tension and energy…
Her art is about “squaring the circle”.
Her art is that of the muffled scream and of the restrained desire for Life…